Free Leads From Free Landing Pages

Own Free Landing Pages that have been properly ranked on the 1st page on Google. Your Searcher finds your Landing Pages when they’re looking up your available products or services. This is how you build your pipeline of highly qualified leads.

Landing Pages that have been properly optimized with ongoing new articles will enable your prospective Clients to actually be found on the first page on Google.  There are so many benefits to owning search engine optimized landing pages, as they quickly capture the visitor from their Google search, and with some informative content and several calls to action, you’re able to capture your prospective Clients contact information.

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How Do Landing Pages Work? – The Right Answers and Their Value.

The value of owning Landing Pages that have been search engine optimized are immeasurable. First, you’re able to capitalize on the 8-12 second attention span your prospective Client has once they find one of your Landing Pages on the first page on Google.

Arriving at one of your Seo landing pages, they pick up the phone and call you or they fill out your lead capture form which adds highly qualified leads to your list. Statistics show that business owners are able to capture as much as 500% more business when their phone rings directly from your landing pages whereby the caller’s sole objective is to see if you can help them.  These are undisputedly the best leads you could possibly ask for. They call you and they only come from owning your own landing pages.

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Landing Pages

The value in owning Landing Pages that have been search engine optimized are immeasurable. First and foremost you’re able to capitalize on the eight to twelve seconds your prospective Client has once they find one of your Landing Pages on the first page on Google. At this point they either pick up the phone and call you or they fill out your lead capture form.

With some quick, informative content, and several calls to action throughout these landing pages, you’ll either get inbound calls, and or those that fill out your lead capture forms.

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Free Landing Pages with

SEO expert Rich Preisig has Free Landing Pages that have been search engine optimized to produce your own fresh, exclusive, and free leads. These optimized landing pages can replace your need to depend on the same lead companies who often fail you.

In today’s world of marketing attaining quality leads consistently is just not to be found. “Statistics show that business owners who sell debt settlement, tax resolution, foreclosure defense and the like are playing roulette every time they give the lead vendors their money,” states Rich Preisig.

SEO Landing Pages can give a business owner the ability to be found on the first page on Google when it’s properly optimized. Enormous amounts of content written on these landing pages can give you enormous value. Let’s take a closer look.

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Free Landing Pages – 800.677.1194


Free Search Engine Optimized Landing Pages are putting business owners in charge of their marketing, as they’re now duplicating their lead vendors landing pages. So, instead of buying the leads they sell you, getting your own free, exclusive, timely, organic leads from your own landing pages is the only answer.

Most business owners who are hoping to generate leads from their website just aren’t and it’s not that they can’t get there, but have no clue how to do it. Search engine optimization is the only way, but that’s a broad statement, so let’s narrow it down to the common phrase, “content is king,” and put this content on a search engine optimized Landing Page, and the results are astonishing.

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Debt Settlement Landing Pages | SEO Optimized

Our Debt Settlement Landing Pages are seo optimized for optimum placement which is Only page 1 on Google. Imagine waking up to fresh, organic and free leads daily. Never buy 3rd party leads again. Bankruptcy Landing Pages, Tax Resolution Landing Pages, Debt Settlement Landing Pages, Credit Repair Landing Pages; otherwise known as squeeze pages that collect your prospective clients information so you can immediately call them back.

Debt settlement leads are originated by many companies, but they’re all the traditional business model of buy, spend, put money on the line, only to find that you have to do this repeatedly. This in turn keeps your customer acquisition cost too high hence, you’re not making as much money because you’re buying your debt settlement leads from 3rd party debt settlement lead vendors.

Let’s take a closer look.  What if you could replace your lead vendor with the exact same methods they use to sell the the same leads you could originate yourself.  How you ask!

Our SEO Optimized Debt Settlement Landing Pages are tailored to your Company and they WORK!  You can utilize our Bankruptcy Landing Pages, Tax Resolution Landing Pages, and Credit Repair Landing Pages to generate fresh, organic, exclusive, and free leads to you!  Organic debt settlement leads are the premium source for debt settlement affiliates who want to maximize their business in this ever rising need for debt resolution services.  Why buy the milk when you can buy the cow?!

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My Google Results Are On Page One!

My Google Results are on the first page on Google rankings via SEO taking into consideration huge traffic generation and the ascent or descent of search engine rankings. Increased web traffic would in turn signify greater business to your site along with more business, more clicks and more repeat business.

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How SlideShare Can Help Your Website Gain More Traffic for Free

SlideShare is one of the most visited social media websites of today. With more than 60 million visitors a month, it is one of those hidden gems that online marketers should take advantage of while promoting their websites. This gives many online marketers the chance to stand out from the others that belong in the ‘general’ category.

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Free Traffic Strategies For Your Websites

When you work hard to build your website and spend a few long hours to accomplish it, it is time to start driving traffic to the site in order to get sales for the product that you want to sell. And if you do not want or can’t pay for traffic, it is time to cover why free traffic strategies for your websites, is really what you want to know. It is no good just making the website and wait for eye balls to look at it, because if that is all you do after having the site live on the web, I am afraid you are in for a long and painful wait

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3 Tips For Getting More Targeted Traffic

We all want traffic to our website but we actually need targeted traffic. Quantity doesn’t really matter, it’s the quality of that traffic that really counts. If the quality is good then you will make more sales. Here are 3 tips on how to make sure you are getting really targeted traffic to your web site.

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Website Traffic Generation Secrets

This article is going to be very welcomed by most of you especially if, like most people that wanted to generate instant traffic to their websites, you ended up losing money every single time that you bought traffic. So unless you are a Pay Per Click expert, the website traffic generation secrets that follow will be much appreciated. And here is why: You will not want to pay $1 and over for getting people to visit your websites, when you can have them visit for next to nothing or for free even, when you follow the strategies that I am going to explain.

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Making Content Marketing Really Work For You

Content marketing is a strategy commonly used online to attract people to your business or cause! People using the internet in most cases are looking to be entertained and/or informed which is why this strategy is so frequently used! Read more to discover a 5 step checklist you can use to best prepare any type of content you may have for internet publication!

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Looking to Increase Traffic to Your Website?

This article covers how to increase traffic to your website. It covers two popular techniques that are being used in digital marketing today. First is Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns and the second is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) campaigns.

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Minimizing Costs by Increasing Your Website Traffic for Free

Traffic generation is paramount when selling anything online. When starting out, it is best to utilize the free traffic methods to minimize your costs. When you start getting a steady flow of free traffic, only then should you consider using some of your profits to re-invest in paid traffic.

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Traffic To Your Site – 3 Proven Ways!

Getting traffic to your site is the single most important aspect of Internet Marketing. No Traffic = No Sales – I’ll show you 3 proven ways to get traffic to your site.

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Simple Ways That You Can Improve the Traffic to Your Blog and Website

Since blogs and websites have become such an important element to the growth of your business, you have likely heard about the importance of SEO. This is an ongoing marketing technique that has been shown to be beneficial to online businesses. For more information on how to use SEO effectively, please continue reading.

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Buying Website Traffic – The Basics

Most experts say that you are only wasting the bandwidth that you pay for when you have untargeted traffic. This is because the visitors you get are less likely to convert clicks into sales. For this reason, you need to do whatever it takes to make certain that you boost your existing amount of conversions.

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